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Drake & Future JointVenture

Arguably both the hottest names in hip-hop august, Drake and Future, can have plans to unveil a surprise project, that might come out within the next 24 hours. Maybe.

At least, it is exactly what many about the social media-sphere are praying for believe, having pieced together various clues through the last week, signs that they can believe prove a Drizzy/Hendrix mixtape is not just in the works, but potential available for their streaming pleasure. I know this, because I am some of those many. While I’m personally of the perception that the rumored project is real, understanding that we’ll be hearing it sometime within the near future, let’s review each of the evidence that’s led to the speculation.

Earlier soon – Tuesday to be precise – those playing Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club radio show noticed a somewhat awkward back-and-forth between hosts Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee. While around the subject of Meek Mill’s set at Fool’s Gold Day Off the weekend prior, particularly at Meek’s comments shooting down rumors of possible bad blood between he and Future, Charlamagne remarked, “Let’s see whether he feels as though that in another couple months.” Check Know yourself sheet music.

Yee’s response was, “What, when Drake and Future…?” accompanied by just a second of awkward silence before Charlamagne interjected with “Shut up Yee. Jesus Christ.” Unfortunately, the niche quickly changed, leaving everyone who picked up within the slip to wonder wait, why don’t you consider Drake and Future?

Meed mill Gets Mad at Fan

Obviously something would definitely happen between 6 God along with the Freebandz general, but what it really was then when we could expect it had not been clear. Fast forward a few days, and things got actually engaging. DJ Skee, notable industry vet and reputable insider, Tweeted this out Thursday afternoon.

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