Drake’s Version of Weeknd’s Tell Your Friends

Drake was among the Weeknd’s earliest supporters, while using two Toronto artists first collaborating on Thursday’s “The Zone” this season. While the rapper doesn’t appear on the Weeknd’s latest LP Beauty Behind the Madness, Drake latched onto his OVO Sound radio show on Beats 1 to freestyle a whole new verse for the album’s Kanye West-co-produced track “Tell Your Friends” (via Pitchfork). Check Hotline Bling sheet music.

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“The ball is at your court / No defense, nobody keeping score / No offense but I’ve played this before / Maybe you can however you just don’t care anymore / Evolve,” Drake sing-raps from “the Waldorf in Berlin” female that reminds him “of Jane Birkin.” “And I’m right back here, like I said I would / You were never a fantastic girl however, you’re a better woman now / Evolve.”

Weeknd – Tell Your Friends

As 2 of Toronto’s most prominent artists, Drake along with the Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye have frequently worked together nowadays. After “The Zone,” the Weeknd was tasked with remixing Drake’s pre-Take Care single “Trust Issues” next year; Tesfaye also contributed to a set of tracks off that LP, “Crew Love” and “The Ride.” Drake next appeared on “Live For,” just one off the Weeknd’s 2013 major label debut Kiss Land.

Drake’s freestyle within the soulful “Tell Your Friends” practices the Weeknd dropped his surreal, violent music video with the Beauty Behind the Madness track that spotlights Tesfaye’s drug-fueled teenage life in the Six. “As soon as I stepped foot inside the city, it had been a feeling I got enslaved by,” he recently told Rolling Stone. “Lights, no sleep — either you are likely to make it or die trying.”

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